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Screencap Resources

All links you find here are to screencaps I've taken of the series listed below and each link will take you to where you can download screencaps from various eps of whatever. This is just of stuff that I have downloaded. None of this is currently from movies.

I try to screencap without subtitles, but it does get hard from time to time so please don't freak out on me D:

CREDIT is required if you use any of my resources as screencapping is extremely time consuming and I'm uploading this stuff on a 56k dial up modem.

Screencap Resources

Advent Children, Final Fantasy VII
Bo Bobobo
Elfen Lied
Fullmetal Alchemist
Gundam Seed
Gundam Seed Destiny
Last Order, Final Fantasy VII
Legend of Zelda Cartoon (XD)
Peace Maker Kurogane
Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta
Prince of Tennis
Psychic Academy
Sailor Moon Stars
Star Ocean EX
Yu-gi-oh! Season One
Yu-gi-oh! Duel Monsters (Ancient Egypt Arc LQ Only)
Yu-gi-oh! Duel Monsters GX
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